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Qualified Practitioners Bringing Care to Your Front Door

  • We are committed to providing professional, ethical, and quality service.

  • We guarantee client satisfaction and genuinely care about people.

  • We have a strong background in client-centered service, case management, and care giving.

  • We are experienced in making in-home needs assessments to help clients determine their own requirements and assist them develop care plans.

  • We have extensive knowledge of governmental and other programs that may assist clients with costs and/or provide services beyond our scope.

  • We will make referrals on behalf of clients for other forms of assistance (with permission).

  • We adapt our service delivery times to conform to our client's needs and preferences.

  • Our employees are covered by comprehensive liability insurance, have undergone criminal record checks, and are bonded.

  • Our employees are not only qualified, but also are compassionate, dependable, and trustworthy individuals who respect privacy and maintain confidentiality.

  • We relieve clients of the worry that can occur when hiring privately as we carefully screen, train, and inform our employees thoroughly.

  • We handle any issues that surface such as scheduling difficulties, illness, shift cancellations, arranging for substitute workers, and providing continuous supervision.

  • We follow-up with our clients on a regular basis to assess service effectiveness and to make revisions that reflect changing needs and wishes.

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